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January Newsletter | Vol.02

Don't Forget!

We offer referral bonuses! To receive a referral bonus, you must mention the referral before the referral person begins their contract. If they complete an 8-week contract, you will receive a $300 bonus. If they finish a 12-week contract, you will receive a $500 bonus.

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Feel free to fill out this feedback form at any time. You can remain anonymous if you choose, or you can enter your name. We want to hear from you!

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Recipe of the Month

Our recipe of the month is Italian Wedding Soup! Everyone needs a hot bowl of soup to get through the short, cold days. Italian Wedding Soup is made with cheap ingredients, which makes it great for everyone’s New Year budget!

January Recipe of the Month

January 2024 | Vol.02

January Newsletter

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a wonderful time during the holidays with your loved ones. Going into the New Year is a fresh start, a time to put the past year behind you and move forward. The New Year is a great time to make the changes you want with a clean slate. However, remember to be realistic when setting your New Year’s resolutions. While it is not a bad thing to set goals, remember to be forgiving to yourself, as change takes time. 

January Updates

Reminder that the Open Enrollment Period ends January 16th for most states. Open Enrollment is a time for anyone to begin insurance, even if you do not have a qualifying life event. After January 16th, you will need a qualifying life event. Please view the list of qualifying life events for a Special Enrollment Period.

This year, we will begin to offer dental and vision insurance. You do not have to be on medical insurance to receive dental and vision. We have selected multiple plans so you can choose the one that will fit your needs best.

Why do nurses need a red crayon?

So they can draw blood!

Employee Anniversaries

Erica Otero
Rebekah Wallace
Stanley Simmons
Darian Monroe
Donna Tucker
Jessica Getson
Melissa Vega
Joyce Lewis
Francine Sache
Troylynne Tigler January 1st
January 1st
January 1st
January 10th
January 10th
January 15th
January 15th
January 29th
January 29th
January 30th

Employee Birthdays

Jaclyn Waldrop
Jada Harris
Shayna Worrell
Brenna Adkins
Brittney Randle
Scott Tyler
Karissa Logan
Amanda Byars
Crystal Delong
Jacob Adkins
January 9th
January 17th
January 18th
January 19th
January 23rd
January 23rd
January 27th
January 30th
January 31st
January 31st