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December Newsletter | Vol.02

Blog Posts

Check out our blog posts! In these blog posts we will be released weekly to announce job openings, wellness tips, and information about our company.
Tips to Help Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance as a Nurse

Feedback Form

Feel free to fill out this feedback form at any time. You can remain anonymous if you choose, or you can enter your name. We want to hear from you!
Feedback Form

Recipe of the Month

We will be suggesting a recipe we love every month. If any of you have any recipes you would like to see featured, send them to us! This month, we are sharing a fudge recipe. You can add any flavors or toppings to spice it up. This recipe is quick and easy and will impress everyone!
December Recipe of the Month

December 2023 | Vol.01

Welcome to Our Newsletter

As a company, we have decided to introduce a Monthly Newsletter. This will be an opportunity for our Texas Office to connect with our staff in a new way. We will send updates, reminders, and important information in the Monthly Newsletter. We would like this to be a fun and informative way for us to interact and recognize our hardworking staff. We would also love to hear any feedback from you, whether it be about the Monthly Newsletter, questions, or anything you would like to see from us as a company.

December Updates

COMING SOON! We will be using a new company called ZayZoon so that you can access your wages before payday. You will be able to determine if you would like a gas card, gift card, or any of the other options. You will have the wages you took out early deducted from your paycheck. Keep an eye out for an email or a text from your recruiter!

We will be sending holiday gift options through Snappy! We thank you all for everything you do. Keep an eye out for that email.

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.”

– Will Rogers

Credentialing and Payroll Announcements

Due to new government I-9 regulations, we will be doing a re-verification process. You will receive an email from WorkBright that will guide you through the process step by step. We will be doing this slowly throughout the month. You will receive a text from one of our credentialing specialists when you need to complete it.

Friendly reminder that we need your timesheets by Mondays at 4 pm. If we do not have them by then, we will not have time to process your timesheet for payroll. The best way to ensure we get your timesheet on time is to submit it after your last shift for the pay week. We want everyone to get paid on time, and this makes it easier for you all and our payroll team.

Employee Birthdays

Lauren Smith
Roberto Poll
Robert Thomas
Barbie Ruckman
Sheila Kampa
Andre Clarke
Jennifer Barkley
Leigh Bazell
Karin Gray
Kim Coleman
Melissa Dyer
Tiffany Wallace
December 4th
December 7th
December 8th
December 10th
December 12th
December 17th
December 17th
December 20th
December 24th
December 24th
December 26th
December 27th