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CNA-  Certified Nurse Aides are considered by 24HourNurse to be the “Backbone” of a facility.  24HourNurse values the hard work of a CNA and has placement opportunities throughout the country.  Facilities are always looking for great CNA staff for short term and long term contracts.

Where would you like to go?  We can help you get there!

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RN-  Registered Nurses are like finding diamonds in a coal mine. With 24HourNurse, we can place you anywhere at any time.  The need for travel RNs is extremely high.

24HourNurse can also contract you for management positions as well.  We have RNs that have signed 6 month management contracts at the highest pay rate possible.

Let us help find you the perfect fit!

RN Positions!


LPN-  Licensed Practical Nurses are becoming more and more utilized throughout the industry.  The need for LPN travel staff is high and placement can begin almost immediately!

Quality LPNs with the right attitude can be placed in hospitals, long term care facilities or even home health.

What state would you like to work?  We can help!

LPN Positions!

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Providing PRN and Travel Nurse Careers

We staff LPN, CNA and RN.

24HourNurse has become the fastest growing medical staffing agency in the country because we focus on our amazing staff of LPNs, CNAs and RNs.  With great benefits, travel and excitement, 24HourNurse provides the best travel contracts as well as the best pay! Consider us your talent agent!  We work hard to find the perfect facility for you at the highest pay rate possible. 

With facilities across the country, we know we can serve you well!


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